At Materials and Chemistry Laboratory, Inc. (MCLinc), we place a high value on the professional affiliations we have developed to enable us to better serve our customers. We invite you to contact our strategic partners directly, or we will be pleased to coordinate the use of their services to accommodate your project needs.

Galbraith Laboratories, Inc.

Galbraith Laboratories, Inc. is a contract analytical testing laboratory for elemental analysis, chemical testing and method development & validation.

Advanced Catalyst Systems

Advanced Catalyst Systems is a research & development company and manufacturer of catalysts for control of pollution and chemical applications. ACS has been providing catalysts for appliances since 1990.

Materials Engineering and Testing Corporation

Materials Engineering and Testing Corporation specializes in metallurgy with services in non-destructive testing, radiography, chemistry, and expert testimony.

GEL Laboratories

GEL’s full-service analytical chemistry laboratory is one of the largest in the U.S. and is dedicated to supporting organic, inorganic and specialty analyses for a wide range of applications. GEL specializes in providing radiochemical services to customers who need accurate data to make informed decisions.