Materials Characterization, Including Carbon Fibers

MCLinc utilizes its extensive array of instrumentation and laboratories (radiological and non-radiological) and combined experience to perform characterization of a broad range of materials.

MCLinc provides characterization of the contaminant/host matrix interaction and identifies the nature and source of unknown or unwanted materials. An understanding of the chemistry and nature of the materials, can be used to define risks and optimize processes.

  • Contaminant chemistry and physical nature (size and/or distribution) to focus process parameters at mitigating the contaminant or for locating the source of the contaminant for product improvement;
  • Type and extent of elemental interactions (e.g., bioavailability or phase identification) to address the true risk – not the perceived risk; and
  • Performance as a function of time and/or nature of the contaminant.

MCLinc’s materials characterization provides value-added results to programs such as:

    • Carbon Fiber Composites Manufacturing Process Optimization

– Consultation in engineering/design of carbon fibers and composite structures
– Characterization of carbon fibers and composites
– Exposure testing
– Initial strategies for comprehensive quality assurance programs
– Setup and training for in-house routine quality assurance systems
– Problem resolution of routine quality assurance programs

    • Mercury Speciation for Investigation and Remediation

– Definitive proof of mercury species
– Realistic action limits defined
– 75% savings over initial remediation budget

    • Incinerator Particulate Analysis

– Evaluate the performance of air pollution control systems
– Determine the fate of metals
– Ambient air studies

    • Source Identification
    • Decontamination of Gaseous Diffusion Process Equipment

– Validate process efficiency

    • Evaluation of Optical Components

– Surface examination of lenses, mirrors, windows, and buffers

    • Support of Soil Washing Demonstration

– Particle size distribution
– Contaminate fate and transport

Analytical characterization departments at MCL include:

Spectroscopy and ICP