Technology Evaluation and Demonstration

Demonstrations and evaluations of environmental technologies on hazardous and/or radioactive materials require not only access to the expertise in handling these materials but also regulatory authority to work with the materials. MCLinc provides resources to facilitate the demonstration and/or evaluation of existing and emerging technologies.

Support can be provided for lab-, bench-, or pilot-scale demonstrations. Some demonstrations that have utilized the MCLinc expertise include:

  • Soil washing: remediation of FUSWRAP sites
  • Asbestos remediation
  • Incinerator trial and performance burns
  • Transportable Vitrification System (TVS) for waste processing
  • Conversion methods for Thorium Nitrate
  • Long-term, low temperature gas phase decontamination process
  • Zero valence metals for contaminant collection and control

MCLinc is a valuable resource for evaluation and demonstration of technologies which may be beneficial for mitigating environmental legacies or supporting pollution prevention initiatives. For example, our services can establish a technology application for specific contaminant or matrices ensuring a successful demonstration. This independent evaluation can help alleviate several of the challenges involved in introducing a concept or product to the marketplace.