MCLinc scientists initially gained experience with uranium and fluorine through extensive involvement in the development efforts at gaseous diffusion plants. These plants have operated safely for decades using large quantities of fluorine, chlorine trifluoride, hydrogen fluoride, and uranium hexafluoride. This expertise is now applied to industry processes involving strongly fluorinating gases and other hazardous gases in areas such as:

  • Equipment specifications
  • Equipment modification for fluorinating gas service
  • Chemical properties
  • Analyses
  • Materials compatibility
  • Consulting
  • Safety reviews
  • Detonation/deflagration studies
  • Systems design
  • Disposal
  • Lab experiments involving highly reactive, toxic, and radioactive materials

Example Projects:

Sampling/Purging Fluorinating Gases in Process Headers

Design of Systems to Recover UF6 from Off gases

Evaluation of Systems for Removal and/or Stabilization of Uranium Deposits

Development of Solubility Coefficients for Transport Modeling

Neutralization and Blending of Solids Recovered From Process Piping

Identification of Unknowns; Metallurgical Investigations; Accident Investigations

Accident Investigation; Explosivity Testing; UF6 Exposure Testing

Solidification/Stabilization/Encapsulation testing

In-Cylinder UF6 Neutralization; Downblending Studies

Speciation and Sequential Extraction Studies in Support of Remediation of Uranium in Soils